What is Plantaful?

Plantaful is a recipe blog designed to make your vegan lifestyle easy. I focus on posting recipes that contain unprocessed foods and a short ingredient list.

When looking through the site, you will notice that the recipes do not incorporate white flours, sugar, vegan meats and cheeses, or any other factory-generated ingredients intended to substitute non-vegan foodstuffs. But don’t fret! I know it sounds like I’m subtracting a lot but remember this isn’t an elimination diet by any means. I merely prefer to use other more natural ingredients, but a vegan ice cream sandwich here and there won’t hurt anyone! The alternatives are also super easy and will ultimately help you develop a habit of eating foods that are good for you in the long run. Get to know coconut oil; make friends with oat, spelt, and rice flours; chat with maple syrup and coconut sugar. This is how I like to eat and I know you will too.

Who am I?

Hi I’m Madeline! After being vegan for six years I can attest that food is the best medicine. It’s always funny to hear those who are unaccustomed to veganism ask: “What do you eat?”  Well, in all honesty I've actually expanded my food options by becoming a vegan. For most of my life, I grew up eating fast food, meals on the go, and consuming sugary drinks. I wasn’t overweight, but I would practically eat the same unhealthy foods on a daily basis: sugary cereal, bagged Caesar salad, frozen chicken nuggets—you get the idea. Fortunately, my eyes were opened in college when I read The Kind Diet. Prior to that time, I was naïve about the horrors of the meat and dairy industries and immediately realized that I wanted to give a vegan diet a try—not just for my sake but also for the sake of our planet. Realistically, I set my initial goal of testing the vegan waters at two weeks but have never turned back.

Why Plantaful?

I have made great vegan discoveries that I want to share! I have become so much more aware of what I put in my body and have become really interested in food and food preparation. It’s fun and has become a real adventure! I enjoy experimenting and discovering which ingredients produce the most delicious and healthful combinations. I cook what I love, love what I cook, and want to share everything I have learned with my readers. Cooking vegan is easy, enjoyable, and super delicious.

 So let’s do it! Let’s get cooking.